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(JTG) Looking for new clan members

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Hello guys/girls
I have recently just started my own clan and looking for people to join our team.  It would be great if you can participate

in clan battles but if you are not interested that's ok by me. To be part of a clan, you can benefits from 10% discount on buying

new ships. Further more if you participate in clan wars, you will get extra XP, flags per game and repair discounts. 

What you need to join our clan?

1.  You don't have to speak fluently in English, just enough to understand, English is not my first language too.
2.  I don't care about your back ground men, or women.
3.  Don't' care about your age, in fact, our deputy commander is 70 years old Lady (single and very good looking )
4  Don't care about what ships you have if you need any help to improve your game I am here to help.
5.  It would be great if you could participate in the clan battles, but there is no pressure if you don't like clan battles. 
6.  Just relax, child out and have fun that what I really want from you.


Feel free to drop a message here or send me a message to Lady_Acoma or Sarochinee 

Thank you for reading...

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