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[STAFU] - Recruiting new members! (clan wars and casual)

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Hello there~
We are a chill clan looking for new people to play clan wars, divisions and hang out with us!




What we offer:

  • A discord server filled with active people
  • Ability to div up every time you play
  • Ability to play in clan wars 
  • Chill atmosphere


What we need:

  • Stats that are close/above clan average [ Clan Stats ] (PR >1300 / Win Rate 53%)
  • English on a decent level (obvs)
  • Mic/Discord
  • Desire to play with others and improve




To go into more detail; we are looking for people to play clan wars or just hang and play in divisions.
Currently we have a stable roster of 7 people + around 8 who come and go.
We decided to run a friendly rivalry and depending on how skilled you are in any aspect of the game, you'll have priority to join the first team to climb to typhoon and beyond.

As you can tell from our numbers we have both clan war divs running from time to time, so we can all play and try to get missions done.

Aside from clan wars, we usually have divs running most of the time. Most of our players enjoy playing together, so if you want some casual fun, we also have that~



Here's our discord server:

https://discord.gg/KPFj4AJ anyone are welcome to join!

You don't have to be a clan member to come and hang out, maybe play a few games.


How to apply:

The best way would be to join our discord where you will be given a recruit role.

We usually like to play/talk to everyone before we make decisions.
The whole process usually takes 3-4 days.

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