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Looking for a Spanish(preferred)/English competitive Clan

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I'm already a Deputy member into a clan, I tried to make things clear and wanted some competitivity and activity from the others. I had the initiative to level up the Clan but alone it is hard to do it. I can handle the pressure but it is in vain so I don't want to waste my time anymore.


I'm looking for a Spanish competitive clan(I'm not a Spanish native but I can handle it, I'll move soon to Spain so this is one main reason why I'm looking for it),

If not possible, I'm okay with an English speaking competitive Clan.

WoWs Nickname: Yo_MaPrey

WoWs Stats: https://wows-numbers.com/player/539428720,Yo_MaPrey/  (Progressing day by day)

Whatsapp(if needed): +40721094726 


o7! Wish you all Merry Christmas!
Yo_Ma Prey(Adrian)

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we from OLEUM (an international clan) are looking for players who can join us in clanwars.

if you are interested send us a message then we can  play couple of games and talk .

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