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LF eng CB Clan

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Hello Everyone...
Ingame name : ProjectDictator
Im danish, and 35y young :p Look for a clan, that running CB
Dont wanner be stand in guy, or back up.!!!
Im not a hero player, but working on been better and get more skill, hate single play and ranked
inall im here for the CB, and divs2/3 play. Most of the time, i will be there for all 4 days of CB every week, ofc some irl stuff can happen
In a clan right now, that got problems with ppl showing up.. Hate wasting time on waiting, bc ppl dont show up ! A most ppl show up in time
I will allways know alest 24H before battle, if cant show up, if not irl crap burns somehow.

Hope there is a clan out there that wanner take a talk, got discord ts3 skype, what ever you need me on :)
Pls pm ingame, and lets find out how we can talk, and play some divs togther


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If you suffered from inactivity then I hope that our 32 out of 33 active members make you feel better :cap_horn:

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