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Issue with email and Steam account connection

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So I haven't played the game in a long while and I saw it pop on Steam and decided to redownload it.

Later I learned I can't connect my Wargaming account with my Steam account, neither with the same email address. So I was, alright, gonna use my second email. Only to be reminded I also made a Wargaming account with that email, which I did because I made a typo on my player name so remade my account with an original email address. I thought, no biggie, I'll delete my Wargaming account of my 2nd email address, then just connect it with my Steam account. I delete the account, got reminded of 45 days to recover it, and went back to the game to connect. Nope, still says email address is in use.

So what do I do now? Wait for 45 days? Make 3rd email? Which I'm not sure I can't with gmail while protected on the same phone number.

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Vor 37 Minuten, Captain_Corcoran sagte:

does this mean you have to have two clients on your PC? Steam and then Regular client? 

can the steam be merged to regular?

No, you just need one client. I don't think they can be merged.

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