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Quick Study of Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 Discussion

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I submit the following report on the Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 Discussion Thread which was recently pinned in the News Release & Announcements section;

313 posts (not including 1st one) which fell into four categories;

For, Against, Question(s) & Other*.  * Other includes several main types of commentary.

(Clearly) For: 15

(Clearly) Against: 43

Questions: 3

Other: 252!

* Other can be divided into three main categories: 1) how to register & participate in the TST (quite a large number), 2) Bug reports playing in the test (considerable, apparently)

& 3) actual 'commentary' on some particular of CV TST play  - sometimes very intricate & involved. The 'commentary' being on individual battle play and on multiple battle play. Good & Bad points made here, I am sure.

** Probably (I did not actually count/distinguish them) a good 100 posts of the 252  (40%?) made many points for & against various CV TST particulars hence there are varied appraisal(s) on the CV TST.

Only 3 questions - why so few? Just a few clear question posts. Many questions mentioned in longer posts in 'Other'.

For: 15 versus 43 Against is, basically, a 1:3 ratio. In other words, 3X as many respondents don't like the CV TST (& what it represents) as do like it (for these 58 clear posts, one way or the other).


To conclude, then: The current Round 3 of the CV TST is a 'work in progress' and it (still) requires a huge amount of alteration/repair/revision/rework (use whatever term you want).

Everyone can make their own conclusions about the CV rework - read thru all the Thread Posts (I did). Some will probably like it regardless of the evidence to the contrary.

It is my personal opinion that this whole CV rework idea is a continual/continuing disaster.


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