A quick examination & report for the Forum folks who commented; 213 responses divided into four categories: For, Against, Questions & Other (Clearly) For (the CV proposed changes): 7 (& there were, at least, two who responded more than once here) (Clearly) Against (the proposed CV changes): 129 (& there were a number of repeat responders here - I did not keep as close a track as I should have) Question(s): 18 responders who had genuine questions about some aspect of this discussion Other (Indeterminate): 59 responders who made neutral comments/tried to answer questions/ could not readily be determined to be For or Against Total: 213 Results; 77 responders who either discussed various points and/or had questions about these proposals (a number of reasons here, not all the same). Indicates some confusion (of information) 129 Against the topic proposals for one reason or another. This is over one half of all the respondents. 7 For versus 129 Against. An overwhelming repudiation of the whole idea of altering CVs & their tech trees as proposed. Essentially, 96% (roughly) are against the whole CV rework proposal to a bare 4% who agree/see no problem. Oh sure, WoWS management, there won't be any problems with the proposed CV changes. Not one problem. ROFL