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DD tactics, an overveiw

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Let me first say that this topic came about because I have just had the worst weekend ever 15 defeats in a row and the common denominator with most of them was bad or poor DD play.

As we all know the first targets when you start a game has to be the DD's, get them out the way and you greatly reduce the opposite teams chance of winning, unfortunately a lot of players don't get this and think that the first and most important task at the begining of the game is to GET THE CAPS.

While capping is important, at the start it must always be to kill DD's, if they are trying to cap you will disrupt them or drive them off or at best take them out of the game.

However the current meta seems to be try to cap and die. So, let me outline a few tactics that I have learned over the years that may help newer players achieve better team play.

1. At the start of the game figure out which caps the majority of your team can get to fast, ie, the ones that are closest to the bulk of the team, so often I see a lone DD going of by him/herself to a distant cap that the rest of the ships can't get to quickly enough to be able to help out, they nearly always die. If there are 3 DD's and three caps team up, always better to concentrate on 2 caps than try and get all 3, plus you double the chance of killing the red DD. With 2 of you the one with the better concelment can keep the enemy spotted while the other can smoke up and shoot, killing or driving him out of the cap.

2. Don't use smoke as a panic reaction. So often DD's will ask for assistance, enter a cap, see an enemy DD and smoke up. WRONG. The second you smoke the enemy dissapears and your back up ships that came to help you can't do a thing, worse if the enemy DD didn't smoke then your team mates are now exposed to enemy gunfire with nothing to shoot back at. Remember capping isn't the main target, so enter the cap, spot the DD, turn and leave the cap while keeping the DD spotted, high light the DD for focus fire, If the enemy DD smokes you are now free to enter the cap and send torps, keep in mind, who smokes first....looses.

3. RADAR, at higher tiers you will come up against radar in every game. Make sure you know what ships carry radar, see which ones are on the red team, now approach the cap with caution, try and have them spotted so you can ajust your approach keeping enough distance to not be spotted, don't go too deep into the cap rather stay on the edge giving you a better chance to be able to out run the radar, remember smoke is no option, just run away, better to stay alive and last the game than to try and duke it out hoping you will kill the DD and live, most time you wont.

4. Spotting, As a DD player one of the hardest things to do is have a ship in you sights and not shoot, think of all that lovley XP you can get. However, as a BB one the wost things is not having anything to shoot at, sitting there with guns loaded ...and no targets, your job, as a DD is to give them the targets. Spotting is frustrating as you don't feel like you are gaining anything but, it can be the best thing you can do for the team, with the current meta being to hide behind a island, if you can spot those, your team can deal with them. You might not come out with the most XP but you would of helped the team WIN and at the end of the day THAT is the ultimate gole.


When all is said and done remember 2 things, as a DD player you above all other ship types can influence the outcome of the match and to do that you have to last the whole game, learn to survive and the wins will come.


It is my hope that this has been of some small use to any of you out there and if it has improved the game play of just one player then it has been worth while.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.








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