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#MerryLittleShipmas Contest - Create a Warship Ornament! - Discussion Thread

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(to proof it's not photoshop due to the filters of Snapseed, but an actual physical item)




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#MerryLittleShipmas and #WorldOfWarships

Let's recount some of the things in World of Warships 2018:

French (BB) arc: Vive la France flag

Space battles: LilFish OG :fish_haloween:

US (CL) arc: Worcester's 152 mm turret (and shells); William F. Halsey. Jr's red tracers :Smile_izmena:

Go Navy: Sharks vs Eagles (and their tokens)

IJN (gunboat DDs) split: 100 mm turrets, shells and 6 * 610 mm torpedoes :fish_nerv:

Arms Race: Bonuses (heal and concealment)

Halloween: Mogami and the  :fish_panic:Octopus Camouflage 

RN (DD) arc: ... try to spot it :cap_cool:

Of course done on some "quality" paper tree with MS Paint drawn ornaments (gotta save some costs) :Smile_trollface:



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My Christmas tree ball:

iJoby on EU

#MerryLittleShipmas and #WorldOfWarships

Check out the Sub below the ship.



Merry Xmas to all of the  WoWs Community.

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On 12/8/2018 at 4:29 PM, D4rkCrus4der said:

Would an original 3D printed design be considered "hand made"?


Yes of course :)

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My handmade applesauce and cinnamon WoWs ornaments:
USS Colorado

USS Colorado

IJN Minekaze


Warships Emblem

Wows Logo
Shipsmas Tree

Oh Shipsmas Tree, Oh Shipsmas Tree!



Adelaar_Gunner47 on the EU Server

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This year I've ended up with a much smaller tree than I anticipated so the ornaments are a tiny bit too big, but hey not every warship has to be a battleship to be effective and not every Christmas tree has to be big to be pretty :Smile_Default:. Don't know if it counts as World of Warships themed but I'm constantly staring at the signal setup to make sure I'm doing the best I can to get the legendary modules done, so for me it's very much World of Warships themed.
I'm almost certain I've made some mistake in the proportions or hanged one of them upside down, but I hope it still gets the message across. I wonder if the Santa horn will be back... Or maybe snowballs instead of shells!
Merry Little Shipmas World of Warships Teams! :cap_horn:
#MerryLittleShipmas #WorldOfWarships
Shaquie, EU Server
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I've posted this on Facebook already, but I don't trust mr Zuckerberg enough and want to make sure that you acknowledge my entry ;)


#MerryLittleShipmas #WorldOfWarships

This is my entry for the "#MerryLittleShipmas - Create a Warship Ornament" contest. I've made 3 artillery turrets very loosely based on those from the Yamato. These are made out of hand-cut high impact polystyrene. I've also put LEDs inside the barrels to boost the Christmas mood.

My nickname is Dejwid40 (EU server)








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Hi everyone,


This is my entry based on this years santa postman logo! It was built with plasticard, green stuff and alot of patience. Finally I gave it a little paint job to brighten it up! I hope Santa brings you all a special gift in your santa crates ;)


#MerryLittleShipmas #WorldofWarships 


Merry Christmas Aufklarer_uk - EU server



The hardest part, creating the intertwined pattern.... few




Adding some leaves




And some paint




In the Tree :)


Reference image.jpg


Reference image

Edited by Aufklarer_UK
Edit for picture captions

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#MerryLittleShipmas #WorldOfWarships


Game account: DucaLupo


Server: EU



Here's my entry.

A,B: the tree before/after.

C,D: the Christmas bulbs all together, with hooks and without

E,F,G,H,I: one by one, in detail

L: the CHRIST-MAST, a composition where each element is part of a Christmas tree and representing a boat in its different levels up to the mast:
- hull - paper ship
- side - life buoy-wreath
- deck - porthole
- bridge deck - helm
- mast - the radar become a bright star and it's ready to check any sled appearing in the sky or any baby resting in a manger found into some barn…


The drawings are hand made and colored and everything else has been done with those materials usually used making Christmas gifts: from twine to ribbons, cardboard and decorated paper, adhesive tape, jars, lids, etc.


H.M.C.S. Folks


Happy Merry Christmas Folks!













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I hope my 3 containers come with an added seal of Conway & Crysantos "Seal of Approval", with the added RNG-tampering because WG-hacks! 


It was a silly and rather low-ish effort attempt from my side (hey, using scissors isn't that easy), more for giggles than for serious, but I had fun, and I hope you all had as well.

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