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Wanting a clan maybe SOS is for you.

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Who we are: 
A mature and friendly group of players, we compete in Clan Battles as well as the usual division play in Randoms and Scenarios. We are currently looking to develop our Clan Battles team roster further in preparation for the upcoming Clan Battles season. This is a multinational English speaking clan, using Discord in order to foster camaraderie and team play. 
We do not want to become too strict on stats, however we also have a responsibility to maintain and improve the clan standards. In aid of this all applicants should have a WOWS-NUMBERS PR of over 1200. Lower stats with a clear trend of improvement will also be considered. 
Using DISCORD - we need you on comms during evenings (clan wars time) and only if you are in game. 
Ability to communicate in English (This is not overly strict. English as a second language is fine as long as you are familiar with terms important to the game (such as focus fire, death to radar cruisers and other useful phrases!). 
Suitable age (~18+) - in short: be mature with manners and a sense of humor. 
Tier 10 ships

understand concepts like focus fire, proper use of your ship class to help teammates etc. 
Time, to play at least 2-4 days per week (clan wars)and some training battles, Of course real life is more important and we understand it, so don't worry if you can't play regularly. 

But if inactive for to long you will be booted from clan.(more than 60 days)

How to contact us 
Reply to this thread 
Contact any of the following players in game to find out more  


Thanks and Regards

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