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[TIW] Thames Iron Works - Casually competitive

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TIW are selectively recruiting for our clan battles team. 


Requirements are few as we believe that fitting into the team and having the right attitude is paramount to being in our clan and trumps unicum stats. In short you could be the best player on EU but if you're a [edited] we are not interested ;)


We do not have any strict attendance rule or enforce anything upon our members other than treat everyone respectfully. That said we do need you to be active (daily preferred) and able to attend most clan battle sessions. We also need someone who is going to actively participate in social activities and divisions using discord as we do not encourage "lurking" in the clan. We have built a community through hard work and it has resulted in alot of us spending time getting together in real life. This year we had a clan meeting in London visiting HMS Belfast and attending the WOWS london event. Next year we plan to head to Finland! 


We are looking for the following:


1x Highly skilled DD main - Ideally you would have Gearing/YY/Z/Shima. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must.

2x Highly skilled Cruiser mains - Ideally you would have Zao/Hindy/Moskva/DM/Stalin and know how to play them all to a high standard. Clan battle experience in Typhoon and above is a must.


What can we offer you?


  • A fun and relaxed clan in which to enjoy world of warships
  • Clan battles in all leagues farming Steel.
  • No strict training regimes/attendance registers
  • The chance to play alongside recognised streamers and content creators
  • A friendly social group who actively engage in Divisions in game and real life meets outside the game.
  • A casual spin on competitive game modes (clan battles/Ranked/sprint)
  • Clan base bonuses to all in game economics
  • Adult banter and camaraderie


What we are not looking for....


  • Attitude problems - (since the clans inception we have only ever forceably removed one person)
  • Children
  • Snowflakes
  • People with no mics
  • People who do not want to be inclusive in our social side
  • People who want to participate in competitive wows at the highest level (eg KOTS)
  • Flooding


If this sounds like something you want to be a part of please check out our clan https://wows-numbers.com/clan/500155578,T-I-W-Thames-Ironworks/ and contact either:









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