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Proposed Pan European Line

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Proposed Pan European line, sent this email to WG in January, i got some good feedback and now i find out they might be creating a new line, hope they include the Averof below.


Hi WG, There is a WW2 museum ship in Piraeus, Greece, called the RHS Georgios AVEROF. (see her on youtube) 
Recently went there with my kids, had a great time. Apparently she is one of the oldest dreadnought warships still surviving, it would be great if you could do a promotional/marketing event on her, maybe even introduce her in the game as a new Greek line. (she is actually an Italian design but commissioned for the Greek navy)

She saw battle During WW2 and before, needless to say i am Greek, (Cypriot actually). and id love to see WG support her and bring attention to her preservation as you have done in America with the USN Arizona, and all the other events you do with tankfest, ect

I really think it would be a good idea, and maybe it will bring in a lot of NEW Greek, Cypriot and European gamers to the EU community.

Just a suggestion :) i think it would be a good idea, i for one would definitely purchase her if she was available in the premium shop, thank for hearing me out.

Good luck, love your games, im a big fan 
all the best 
George Savva

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Yeah, WG never heard of any ship. They do not pay people to look at obscure blueprints and rare books or visit museum ships.

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