Not at all. You're simply illustrative of a human tendency not to read below the first paragraph. I have to write stuff like this in RL (different industry), and it's incredibly difficult to avoid situations like this without utterly messing up your short text.   The initial headline of "COMBAT MISSION FOR 2,500 DOUBLOONS ON MASSACHUSETTS." gets truncated on the initial page (see below).     This headline is also (when read in full at the top of the page you get taken to if you click on the advert) technically correct in all respects; nothing misleading there. *However* anyone with experience in these things should not be surprised that people don't make/notice the distinction between MA and MA B - either due to not reading carefully enough, or due to wishful thinking.   This is a screen-grab of (most of) what you see when you click through to the product page, as described (on this PC anyway):     If you suffer from the tendency to not read below the page break, you'll not even see the full text for the mission; if you then click on 'purchase', you'll go to the 'pay money' screen, which lacks details of the mission.   It's easy for people to smugly tell disgruntled customers that they should read stuff, but there is all sorts of data to suggest that people in general don't. Given the way that WG lay out these pages, I'm slightly surprised that more people haven't been complaining that you don't get a single 2.5K mission, as that isn't clear either, if you haven't read all the text.   My personal view (coloured by professional experience) is that if WG have something like this that could easily be misunderstood, then the *crucial* information should be visible on the first main page you click to (so, the larger screen-grab above), and without any scrolling (even if it messes up the look of the page).   Of course, old lags who have prior experience of WG's comms (especially where English isn't the author's first language) have mostly learned to read *all* of the adverts in careful detail before unchaining their wallets, but that's a thoroughly sub-optimal state of affairs.   So, rather long-winded, but I don't think you're stupid.   (The wisdom of buying a T8 premium after only 827 battles could perhaps be a different subject of discussion, but I'm in no position to judge on that!)