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# 3 test session on server for CV rework

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I am completely lost in the test server forum structure. I could not find a topic about it in english.

So I hope it is the right place to put it.
The issue is that with a limited time to act on a large variety of ship & commanders setup, I feel I waste precious testing time and I am not sure I set the right features in the intent of developers to be tested.

My suggestion would be that for particular testing reasons the inventory we dispose during the test to be preset with the configuration the developers feel the need to test ( as ship upgrade modules mounted, captain skills maybe even flags, camos and consumables preset and enabled).

This way we players will be relieved from a dull repetitive operation almost every battle (as we change ship both in tiers and classes) and developers will get tested what they need to be tested. A win-win. It would be a tedious half a day for a person to do the presets, but what alpha testers are for, then ? :D

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