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Tirpitz B mission

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Hi fellas,


Depending the pic i post, do i have to have tirpitz for the mission or i can do it with tirpitz b? Because i cant see it available since i bought the B version. :cap_old:


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I understand it as Bonus. Those which have already bought the normal Tirpitz get rewarded with additional 2500 dubloons.


The bundle costs like 7500 dubloons. If you have already a tirpitz, you get 2500 dubloons back.

In the end, it is like you would pay 5000 dubloons for the camo + a second Tirpitz B :Smile_Default:


5000 dubloons is a regular price for a T8 perma-camo, isn't it? :Smile_hiding:(just do not know it by heart)

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UPDATE: response from MrConway - WG updated the wording of the article to make it clearer, it is not "perfect" but much better. "Too late" to adapt the bundles regarding my suggestions, but I hope the feedback will help them formulate better wording/content in future.  The responsiveness from Support and MrConway were excellent, very polite and professional, so at least there's that :)


TL;DR - Black Friday "B" missions for Doubloons are for original ship variants ONLY, not the ones you buy in the bundle.  Wording of bundle is, in my opinion, sub-optimal especially for non-native speakers (depending on article language, for me EN).



I contacted Support about this, thinking to give feedback on their bundle content and wording, this was my post:




I recently purchased the Black Friday bundle for Massachusetts and I am very happy with the ship and her styling, well done.

I feel, however, that I have to lodge a complaint about the wording of the item regarding the 2500 Doubloon mission for the (original) Massachusetts. Even as a native English speaker I did not fully understand that the 2500 mission is ONLY for the original variant of the ship, that is to say I misunderstood and thought of the 2500 as an extra "gift/bonus" on top.

I appreciate it is kind of a "thank you" for those who bought the original ships, and now spend extra money on a variant, however, I think the wording is not clear enough...especially for non-native EN speakers --> a friend from Sweden bought the package too, without me knowing, thinking they get the circa 10 euros mission value too.


1. Add wording to the bundle such as "IMPORTANT: this mission for Doubloons is ONLY applicable to the original variant of each Black Friday ship - it will not be possible with the "B" variant you are purchasing."

2. As a more generous "thank you", why not allow owners of any of the original variants have access to this bonus mission. For example I bought Tirpitz about 1 week before the Black Friday sale. Had I known I would have waited for the "cooler" one ;)

I hope this message is taken in the positive spirit it is intended, and that you seriously consider and act on improving the bundle wording asap, to avoid frustrating captains who in many cases don't have much money to spare.

Major! o7




Support cannot give feedback to Devs, where this topic was decided --> disappointing.


Hope this helps inform.



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