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Italian DD Line

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23 minutes ago, CptBarney said:

If thats quick then jesus your in depth proposals must be insane but either way nice amount of detail you put into this.


Sorry if the qoute is messy editing on the ipad is a pain in the arse.


To be fair, it wasn't that "quick", although I didn't spend dozens of hours on them either. These branches are part of my V5.0 World Techtree project, which has 29 DD branches which is the maximum I can achieve, covering pretty much the entire world. If I said quick, it's just to make people expect that these branches might not look completely balanced for WoWs itself, because I like to go in depth with gameplay, invent new mechanisms which makes tiering different from what one would expect from wows, and even break free from some rules installed in the game by WG.
As such, it's "quick" in the sense that I haven't really checked if the tiering and ships fit the current state of the game itself, preferring to make the in depth analisys with personnalized rules.

Either way, thank you for the compliment, and don't worry about messy editing - even on computer, quoting and keeping a nice presentation often ends up impossible on this type of forum ^^.

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