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Gradual Transition to 64-bit Systems and DirectX 10.1

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Hi all,


Interesting... lets hope the overhaul will be quick... :Smile_great:



"Gradual Transition to 64-bit Systems and DirectX 10.1"






World of Warships is continuously evolving, with the constant addition of new ships, locations, game modes, and other content to the game. Occasionally, we roll out new technologies to enhance the game visuals and sound effects, as well as to support optimization. We're keen to continue working actively on the game and we strive to ensure that you are happy with all of the new updates, which is why in the near future we have to discontinue support for 32-bit (x86) operating systems and pre-10.1 versions of DirectX. Unfortunately, both components are hopelessly outdated and are extremely rare in the PC configurations of our players. 

32-bit operating systems possess inherent architectural restrictions, which do not allow for the use of RAM in excess of 2 GB. Given the amount and quality of content in World of Warships, this amount of RAM is not sufficient and may cause the game client to crash after just a couple of battles. With that in mind, next year we plan to discontinue support for 32-bit operating systems. This means that we'll optimize the game client for more convenient and faster operation, on up-to-date operating systems, and also means that we can integrate new graphic technologies in the future. Players using such systems will still be able to launch World of Warships, but we won't guarantee high-quality performance of the game client or offer any tech support. 

If you encounter an out-of-memory issue, try the solutions suggested in our dedicated article about the matter. The instructions it contains will help you reduce the likelihood of any issues that may occur, but will not result in the game running smoothly on PCs that do not meet the new system requirements.


We're facing a similar situation with DirectX versions lower than 10.1. Supporting those versions takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the Dev Team, which in turn slows down the development of the game. With each subsequent update it takes us an increasing amount of time to add new content, new features, and further improvements. For that reason, we'll discontinue the support of older versions in the near future. The game will not launch if the version of DirectX installed on your computer is lower than 10.1.

Recent trends in nearly all modern games, as well as our own statistics, count in favor of our decision to cease support for outdated technologies. In recent months, less than 4% of World of Warships players launched the game on computers running a 32-bit OS. Less than 3% of them had a DirectX version lower than 10.1.

We understand the news may be upsetting to some of you, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision. 

We'll do our best to make this transition as comfortable as possible, and we're hopeful that you might consider the above-mentioned arguments with a sense of understanding. We are striving for this transition to be seamless, so we're updating you on our plans beforehand.  We hope that the allocated time will be sufficient to update your software if you are one of those affected by the forthcoming changes. All players facing this issue will receive an additional notice. The exact dates for the changes to take effect will be communicated to all our players at a later date.



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Good to hear WG is upgrading it. 

Mabe just mabe in the future we can get trailer quality graphics in wows. 

That would be a really nice upgrade no? :Smile_Default:

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