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New Player looking for a Clan to help me improve

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Hi Everyone,


I recently started playing World of Warships and I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Just hit level 15 the other day and looking to join a clan, preferably UK based, with active members. lots of the clans advertised on the forums seem to require high tier ships and the like though, so I'm at a bit of a loss when looking. The highest Tier I have reached is T6 (Fubuki) with a couple of 4s and 5s. I don't really want to rush to high tiers as I feel I will end up in over my head, but I am looking to improve at the game and am hoping for a clan that can help me have fun while doing that.


Any clans looking to recruit an abject newbie in the hopes he might one day make good?

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Hi bucket

We are looking for active new members who want to be part of our community and who'll join in, we run divisions daily, there is always someone to keep you company, we like to help our members with operations too - but we're also a group of more mature players, so we know family and work sometimes get in the way of gaming.


DAVY members are active in clan battles - to take part you would ideally have (or be reasonably close to) at least a T10 cruiser or destroyer.


There are a few rules:

Be active and use discord whenever you are in game.

Have a reasonable win rate (clan average is around 55%)

Minimum 1000 battles played (we may make exceptions for decent players)

Speak English and meet with a recruiter on discord for a quick chat.



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Hi Floatingbucket.

Your quite welcome to try X-RE (Sappers are UBIQUE) for your a while. I have only just started the guild and am looking for clan members. I have played Wows for a while and thoroughly enjoy the game.

I play most days for a few hours but sometimes family and work commitments restrict the time I can participate. If you feel I can be of help, give us a bell.

Not worried about stats, tiers or any of that bull crap nonsense. Uk clan,  english speaking (with welsh accent!).


I've sent you an invite, hope to hear from you soon.


Looking forward to hearing from you,



(commander X-RE (Sappers are UBIQUE)

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You can join: Gaming for Fun – NL [GF-NL], if you want to. A new Dutch/English clan.


*)We spelen voor de lol, en met respect voor teamleden en tegenstanders.

*)Het is leuk als je mee kunt doen met Clan wars, maar niets moet.

*)We begrijpen het als je weinig tijd hebt om te spelen, maar zorg dat je in ieder geval éénmaal in 30 dagen aanwezig bent, of een boodschap achterlaat waarom dat niet gaat.


*)We play for fun, and with respect for team members and opponents.

*)It's nice if you can join Clan wars, but nothing mandatory.

*)We understand it if you don’t have a lot of time to play, but log in at least once in 30 days, or leave a message why you won’t be able.


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