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How It Works: Flooding - Discussion Thread

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"flooding decreases [a ship's] speed by 20%"


Is this strictly true or is it actually engine power which decreases by 20%? I ask because acceleration seems slower while flooding as well.

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@The_EURL_Guy just a day late, how quick of you :cap_tea: Can't you sync up posting an article with you creating these threads for once? Or do different departments in WG have literally no communication between them?


At 1:49

"Speaking of the Alabama... If she is NOT flooding at the moment of a torpedo hit, a calculation of the flooding probability occurs"


^ That's not exactly correct.

Flooding calculation occurs every time a torpedo hits, and you can get a new flooding on a ship which is already flooding. It won't start a 2nd flooding, it will just rest the timer for the current one (back to full duration), as well as change the "owner" of the flooding in case 2nd flood wasn't caused by the same player who had the 1st flooding running on that target.

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