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Max Number of Replays defaults to 30

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I've just seen a YouTube video by Mejash that explained how to hold more than 30 replays.


In the latest patch a change was introduced that turns on battle replays by default (previously this had to be done manually).  Part of this change was a default limit to the number of replay files held to 30.  Previously, I don't think there was a limit.   This is configured in the \RES\engine_config file - seach for "maxreplay" and change the value from 30 (I've changed mine to 200).


So, you may have lost some replays without knowing it.


Yes, I don't read patch notes...





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WG :cap_fainting:....


thx for the headsup tho, i did lose em, but i think i didnt need any particular :cap_like:

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I found about it by chance two days ago due to being a recent comment at the related topic in the German forum and, in order to increase the limit, this is the change to do to an XML file, in the same way it was done for activating the replays:


Go to WoWS folder (fastest way is right-clicking the game icon/link in your desktop, then select "open file location"), res subfolder.


Open engine_config.xml with a text editor, press Ctrl+F (or whatever combination that opens the search options in that editor) and look for "replays". The following XML main and children elements should appear:



Change the text (i.e., the number within the element) in <maxReplaysToSave> to the value you prefer (I set mine initially to 300, but am considering to increase it even further). Set it to 0 if you don't want replays to be saved.


The fact that replays are now activated by default... well, it's both good and bad: on one hand, now there's no excuse for whiners when asked for a replay to show, considering that the rants are usually due to recent events; on the other hand, and considered from a system administrator perspective, it's ~60MB (a full 20 minutes match occupies a bit more than 2MB, but not many battles last that long) that will be heavily fragmented due to overwritings once you reach the limit. Not that it affects that much, specially if having the game in a SSD, but it's something to be taken into account for HDDs, mainly if it's the only drive the computer has, which is very typical for your average laptop.



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