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[STARS] Recruiting - clan battles

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Why are we stars?

The name gives us the ability to act like we finally accomplished something. Which none of us did. unfortunately.

*It actually refers to our veteran battlefield community, just like the esports tag. We're semi-competitve in terms of clan battles, but not KOTS competitive


What kind of exclusive stuff do we offer?

  • Our group consists of beta veterans, experienced players and some new guys. One of our goals is to keep improving both individually and as a team. 
  • We are a casual/semi competitive clan overall and we are eager to dash it out in clan battles on a regular basis and progress through the leagues.
  • A friendly and welcoming and mature environment ingame and on discord. With some banter and jokes between games, but focus during battles.
  • Our community plays a variety of other games, mainly battlefield V besides wows. Altough most captains prefer to stay on the seas, some of us casually pick up a gun now and then.
  • Bragging rights when stealing a clanmates kill.


Our requirements

  • Our main requirement is that you enjoy to actively play together with fellow members. We're a small group, so it's important that you fit in, have fun, are able to endure banter and occasionally rage when you get hit by random torps.
  • Stats don't matter that much to us, but we would prefer that you have atleast 50% WR and one or more tier VIII - X ships. 
  • You are 18+.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You are willing to participate in divisions/operations/clan battles.
  • You want to use discord when playing together with other clan members.
  • And finally there is no pressure to play randoms or clan battles on certain days/times. Just jump in a game with clanmates whenever you want. Actively particpitaing in clan battles is highly appreciated.


Interested in becoming a star?

Please leave a message below, PM me on the forum or contact one of deputy commanders/recuiters ingame.

You're also welcome to join our discord to contact a warships player there!


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The name gives us the ability to act like we finally accomplished something in life. Which none of us did. unfortunately.


Since Twitter, Instagram and Youtube u dont have to accomplish much to become a star.. For u its even less, just contact a recruiter and join the Kardashians of wows.

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