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1 hour ago, Egoleter said:

Actually, that's what I do all the time and I am very successful with it.

I am even baiting them into attacking me, by shooting in the air, so that they'll notice me sooner. Once they are locked on to me and started shooting, my team mates (bot or players) will aim at them too. When I now smoke up they'll remain visible because they'll start shooting at my team mates. I can shoot back with my guns until they are in a good position to torp them or until the smoke runs out. Usually by now an enemy DD and a cruiser are already dead where I am. Either way I'll now make my torp run on the remaining ships at my position. Depending on the DD, the torps can take out another two opponents.


I'm disappointed if I leave coop battles that I started as a DD with less then two deserved kills and enough damage dealt for a third. I rarely leave disappointed.


Thats exactly my tactic too and it works brilliantly.


My biggest current issue with Co-Op is the horrific map design which makes this a corridor shooter for most high tier. It isn't an issue in PvP but in Co-Op it means that bots in one "corridor" are unable to be shot by humans in another corridor so you end up with lots of very low XP (<500XP) 1-2 kill games which is just boring. Map design should allow people to support one another so someone in A cap can support B etc which a lot (but not all) of the original maps can do whereas the new versions of North, Island of Ice etc are just 1 dimensional boring corridor shooters now.

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