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Stability Issues?

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Since recently I have started getting issues with World of Warships crashing spectacularly in a critical Error. I do have the crash logs. I have attached the latest one.

I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing this and try a work around. I believe there is a conflict of scripts somewhere.


It seems to occur when I'm using a site that uses HTML5 for anything such as YouTube of Facebook for example.


When in game after death usually. I suck at surviving as I tend to be greedy. I Alt-Tab to Firefox with YouTube loaded and change the music video. I then try to Alt-Tab and it can take numerous attempts to switch to WoWs. It flickers black and then goes back to the last task in this case Firefox. When it succeeds all is good. Except on occasion the game will crash with the Critical Error I have attached.  I cant remember the Error code at the moment and cant find it in the file. Someone that knows how to use the file will know where it is.


Any help would be appreciated.

My specs are just incase they are needed are:

Intel I-5 6600K 3.9Ghz. (OC off)

16Gb Corsair Dominator Platinum 3000mhz (XMP on)

2*2Tb (4Tb) WD Black in Raid 0 <--- WoWs installed here!

256Gb Samsung 960 Pro SSD <-- OS here

1Tb WD Blue <--- Media drive

EVGA GTX1080Ti FTW3 (416.94 driver)

SoundBlaster Z sound card.



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