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Hotas setup (X52 or better) in World of Warships

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Since recently I bought my humble Logitech X52, I've tested it on many games like Elite Dangerous, then I've tried to setup my X52 to this game and I got some interesting results...

WARNING: This is only for Logitech users, I don't know about other brands (and possibly for X52 HOTAS or better)...

1st-> For those who want to use Hotas on WoWs, yes, my Hotas can work on this game perfectly (impratical, but it is fun to play with) and I did some great matches with it, the only thing which this game does not support is the rudder (or the hand twist), other than that... it is fine.

2nd-> If you want it to work perfectly, I recommend to have the "Test" opened on Logitech software, don't know why it is like that on this game, but if opened, it is possible have it work fine.

3rd-> This is the profile I use on my X52, like I said, let the "Test" run while ingame: Hotas WoWs Setup (X52 or better) (if it appears like an audio file, press on play then download the Hotas Profile Setup).

Hope this will work for you, I do this if anyone like me just want to have fun :P
And nothing is better than having fun in a game.


Edit: I don't know where do I post this, so I've posted on the General Discussions.

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