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Unreal high power consumption in the port / harbor?

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At this time, when the power is reasonably expensive (Denmark), I would just like to see where I used most power and what it was used to and was very surprised..

I just wanted to measure how much power my system actually uses, so I put an energy meter to my computer, and here comes some of the most awkward I've ever experienced when I play a game I consume 150W, that's ok use with gtx 1060 and really fine, but when i'm in port and my graphics card should do as little as possible, I consume 200W? .. how can a game be so badly optimized in this area?

I think if you're at wargaming, give us an opportunity to decide how high the graphical seting we want in port, such as low middel high ultra? 

I just want to say that I'm using nvidia's proposal to make my system run optimally so I have not put my graphics low in the game so that's not why there's that difference ... see picture ...

World of Warships 17-11-2018 15_24_49.png

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Vor 3 Stunden, THEBUFUMAN sagte:

they use us for mining or something else.... same here

Wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Would also go a long way toward explaining the sucky laggy port interface.

But did I actually agree to that? Is it in the Terms and conditions?

Because I mean, that drastically changes things.

If that is in fact true, then there is no such thing as playing "for free".

It would make every F2P player in fact a paying customer because he rents out his system to WG. I don't think you could even really use terms like "services offered free of charge" as per the EULA because in fact none of the services would actually be free of charge, would they? And that in turn would affect the liability clause.

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i play this game for 3 years they did not change anything there. if i am not right a Mod should please explain why this happens?

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