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COMMANDERS! It is my pleasure to welcome you to our newly formed AXIS CLAN ACADEMY.


Are you looking for a clan with:

  • A community like spirit?
  • Competitive but still relaxed about those wishing not to partake in clan wars?

Well, then there isn't any reason why you wouldn't love our clan!


Joining AXCA will also grant you access to our AXIS team speak and if you are good enough / dedicated player, you might go up to AXIS as we kicked out inactive players leaving you chances to progress.


IMPORTANT - RECRUITMENT STARTS ON: 19/20 November 2018. If there is more info you'd like to know, please contact me (on forums) or write in the comments bellow. Thank you.

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I know that Overtakerer must like this clan to take part in building it. Hopefully we cross pathes in Clan wars one day. Best of luck to you guys!

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