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Terror of the Deep: Hardmode (Guide)

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An even briefer guide on unrestricted submarine warfare

(read my guide on the normal version first, since I won't go into detail in this one)





Hardmode: Less time for more work in a harsher environment - feels like growing up.


1. The differences to normal mode...


You didn't think that banishing Rasputin would be easy, did you?


2. Which sub should you pick?


Obviously your team's chances to 5-star this scenario battle go down the drain without any of the three fast subs that are available: Killer Whale, Barracuda and Gerfalcon. To cut it short: Gerfalcon is by far the best pick. Killer Whale is slower, a bigger target and takes longer to dive, so will take more damage. Yes, he packs more punch, but this can't outweigh the disadvantages. The fun machine from normal mode, Barracuda, can't really shine in hardmode, since sitting on the surface is just no option. Of course you can go up and down, setting fires in between the animations, but it's just not worth the hassle in my book. Also, she's even slower than Killer Whale. So, what does the winner bring to the table? By far the best top speed, the best agility of the three, the smallest target, enough firepower in the back to rush by enemy ships while dishing out damage and enough firepower in the front to kill a DD. Of course you can reach the castle in time with any of those three options, but the Falcon feels most comfortable.


This is the carry boat for random teams, hands down.


Why is being a small, agile target that can surface and dive quickly so important in hardmode? Enter the increased accuracy/awareness of the bots. If you are the spear tip of the fleet, you'll have all their attention and have to be smart about your oxygen reserves. Add to this the damage from depth charges and fireballs and you might value her small turning circle a bit more than previously. Don't know what I'm talking about? That's probably because the explosion's radius is so very small and you'd have to be hit dead center to really feel it. But you'll feel it:





Much easier to see and avoid are main battery shells fired upon your position, as long as it's not coming from multiple directions - just dive to periscope depth when you see the gun flash. With the nimble Gerfalcon, this works even at close ranges and mainly comes in handy when replenishing the oxygen: Surface, bait the shots, dive and resurface again. This way you can safely go where no Zipper Sub has gone before.





Sink three ships within 60s


Instead of brain dead Zikasas, you now have hunt down semi competent bots to finish this quest - preferably you should do this at (3), where both sides encounter two Leviathans. Careful: The first Leviathans spawn around 16:00 (second ones around 15:00), while the quest starts around 15:00. I didn't find the trigger for this task so far - it's neither the kills at (2) nor the second Leviathan's spawn or a combination of both. So it's very possible to kill one or two even before this quest starts.



At 16:00 the first Leviathan will spawn. Even if the 60s quest isn't active, yet.


Of course the quest can also be completed later, but it's more reliable to do it at (3). So, if for example one side is lagging behind, you should just prepare your Leviathans (avoid causing perma floods) or - if teammates are already launching torpedoes - simply ignore them and sail onwards. Preferably you should preload/save your torpedoes for this encounter so that you have the maximum possible burst available - hint: Killing the Zikasas doesn't trigger any following event (Scarab will spawn around 18:00 anyway), so you don't have to participate there - most teams are capable of dealing with them. Instead, use your firepower at (2) and (3). This applies only to random teams of course. If you're playing in fixed divisions, let the kill stealing commence.



Reaching Rasputin's Castle in time


This is a non-issue...any sub can make it to the castle in time - but only few (see above) can take the vantage routes in the east and west, kill some ships on the way and arrive within a comfortable margin of error. Like in normal mode, discovering Rasputin's castle will prevent him from recovering lost hit points, which is of course helpful. Not that we have a choice - killing 20 ships before the timer for this quest runs out is virtually impossible.



More of the same stuff, less time.



Sink 20 ships


This is the quest that is most likely to fail, since your influence will be the smallest. But there's one thing to remember: It's kills, not damage - so you should target the ships that die the quickest: Destroyers. When you approach them and you are spotted, they will most of the time start zig-zagging. We want to ensure our hits (two freezing torpedo hits will kill them), so we have to launch the torpedoes from point-blank after the DD committed to a course. I've noticed three different behaviors. (A) Zig-zag, then commiting to a turn, (B) Zig-zag, then staying bow-on and (C) turning away, kiting non-stop. If you decide that the DD will not commit to a turn (B), you have to keep in mind that your torps will have less time to arm - so launch them a bit earlier. You better be ready to dive immediately, in case you fail to sink the DD in time - considering you surely didn't miss with both freezing torpedoes, you now can resurface and kill him off with your nasty back tubes. Don't bother with kiting DDs (C) - so not worth it and a waste of time and torpedoes.



(A) - enjoy a free kill, (b) prepare to dive, (c) let it go, let it go...



This is how we want it to go down :etc_red_button:



You will find the DD breeding ground on both sides and behind Rasputin's castle. Since you often will have to spot the castle anyway, it is a good idea to stick around.

Killing DDs won't grant you big damage numbers, but your reward will be outstanding base xp.



Also, as said above - the goal is kills, not your e-peen.



This is the Rat's Nest - be a cat, secure your 5th star.




Spot 17 catapults


Whatever your team does - as long as they don't ignore (1), (2) and (3) and rush Rasputin - you should have little problems even spotting all six of the additional catapults.

Keep an eye on your team's actions and decide how far you'll have to travel on your vantage route. As seen above, it's not the worst thing to end up near the Rat's Nest.

Note that Rasputin's Castle does not count as a catapult, as it is rumored to do for normal mode.





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On 11/11/2018 at 4:13 AM, aboomination said:

This is the carry boat for random teams, hands down.


I disagree. :Smile-_tongue:


There are 3 things needed for carry to 5 stars:


- The team not dying below 3 members (not too hard - usually ........). 

- The team not immediately gangbanging Rasputin (:Smile_smile:).

- Getting at least some (1 will usually do, more make it easier ofc but none are strictly required but then this requires more effort) towers spotted so your trip to the north to kill the enemies there will reveal the remaining.


When it comes to the rest like firepower, survivability and speed the Killer Whale (given access) is the complete and utterly perfect combination. You can literally do all the rest but the above 3 yourself in Killer Whale.


And I mean literally.






Honestly I think I would even prefer Barracuda. At least that one has the magazine to solo several targets once loaded - and there are several breaks  in the ops to be able to go in with loaded magazines.


Germfalcon is just to awkward. Whilst Killer Whale has the flexibility with bow and aft launchers, the Garbage-Falcon is just that, garbage. Khiller Whale reloads faster and the torps do even more damage.


In terms of carry potential:


Top Tier:

1. Khiller Whale.

2. Barracuda.


crap tier:

Germfalcon - fast but awkward to use with limited firepower. 


really bad:

Seelöwe (too slow, would be really good otherwise and is for unleashing on Rasputin, but cant spot towers in time, can get the ships in the back ...).


omfg gtfo:

Zipper. As if Seelöwe and Germfalcon were related and had a lovechild - and dropped it a few times. It is THAT BAD!

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Yep, Killer Whale is a carry sub not Gerfalcon. 

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Well with Killer Whale you can solo a side completely, not realy possible with any other sub.

Did solo one side a few times




Screenshot (92).png

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Killer Whale and Gerfalcon are the fastest, i prefer Killer Whale, i think she is well balanced, but a Gerfalcon well handled (*) gives outsanding results


(*)i'm not good with the Gerfalcon

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Used ZeeLøve and Barracuda almost exclusively. Had no problem what so ever to get 5 stars or being top on xp.

If I played 3 times in a row I used Killer Whale.

But other than that, great infomercial OP. +1 for that.

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