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XTREM looking for active and competitive players

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What is XTREM?


XTREM is a clan that aims for a high standard amongst the players with a chill atmosphere and having fun . We are a clan that plays clan battle and tournaments with the determination to win every game while having fun. 

We are now looking for more active players that want to play clanbattles, tournaments and having fun on the way. First season of king of the sea participation and topping the group in group stage with omni and spuds defeated(BO3).

The only clan to beat OMNI in KOTS 7 on EU. In KOTS 8 we achieved 3rd place on eu and fought in the EU/CIS server clash. We aim to always improve and being able to defeat any team we face, while being a chill clan with alot of fun.


The clans requirments are:


  • Atleast 2 competitive tier 10 ships
  • Have Discord installed and a microphone
  • be nice:)
  • 63k avg dmg per battle
  • 57% winrate overall
  • 1600 avg xp per battle
  • Be active
  •  interest in competitive
  • Participate in clan battles


Note that if you lack in for example your winrate it can be compensated by having higher avg xp and avg dmg. same goes for xp and avg dmg. 


What do we offer?


  • Chill atmosphere 
  • platoons 
  • Enjoy all the bonuses from the clan
  • Clan battle typhoon/hurricane
  • Tournaments
  • having loads of fun




jump in on our discord if u want to know more, we dont bite:)

discord: https://discord.gg/3JRZBB

Contact me johan5678 or any of our deputy commanders or recruiters ingame or just send an application that will be evaluated by our officers.


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