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[TGD] The gray devils seeks older COOP player for casual play.

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[TGD] The gray devils

We are a couple of old farts that plays casual COOP for our own enjoyment. We are international and try to have as casual and fun time as possible while still being serious about the game. 


Who are we seeking

we are seeking people which wants to play with us in COOP casual games and you can say yes to most of the following:

  • English and/Or Danish speaking
  • Older or mature (If you are 13 or thereabout forget it)
  • You have ships from level 2-10 (We sail mostly with ships from level 3-8 pt but that may change with time)
  • You got destroyers and cruisers (If you got carriers and battleships fine)
  • You use Discord and/or TS3 with a working Mic/Headset
  • You are relaxed, polite, humoristic, and behave like you want to be treated yourself
  • We have no expectations of you coming on every day actually the opposite as we only wants to see you when you wants to play with us (family is more important than gaming) 
  • You don't need over 1000 battles or other demands just the want to play


We deliver the following:

  • Through us you can play other games in our community
    • Wargame Red Dragon
    • Steelbeasts Pro PE (Danish, German, Finnish, Australian, Austrian army tank simulator)
    • EFT (Escape from Tarkov)
    • Dungeons and Dragons
    • Star Wars
    • Arma 3
    • Stellaris
    • Rainbow Six Siege
    • DCS
    • and others
  • Forum as needed
  • Help with coms and pcs


We are looking forward to see/Talk/Play with you











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