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Error Connecting Server - Server busy. Please try again later

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Yay ;)


Was in a battle, was just about to get my score screen, but nope, You are being redirected to another server because of maintenance, then after that it has not been possible to log in to the game anymore.






For me it started around 21:25 CET (8:25 pm, UTC)

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russian servers.......what you expect. i get relocated to another server after EVERY match today.

WG is just a crap company.....


crap planning (how the [edited]can you do server maintenance during events?)

crap game mechanics (how can you encourage HE spam more and more with every ship you add? do you want to kill ANY skill in this game?)

crap playerbase (with mostly WGs fault, by rewarding camping, instead of active play)


yeah......fits into the picture

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