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[-WAY_] Salt is the Way of Life is Recruiting

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[-WAY_] Salt is the Way of Life


WAY is a newly starting clan.

To make it clear before going any further: Unlike the name suggests, WAY DOES NOT promote toxic, immature, bad behavior. The name is just a meme


Whom are we looking for?

- Players with good skill and understanding in this game. (~56% ish WR but this is just for a guideline.)

- Active players, especially for divisioning and playing together

- Players who are able to speak and communicate in English

- Players that can behave maturely and respect other players

- Players that uses DISCORD - NO EXCEPTION

- Players with sense of humor


What can you expect at [-WAY_]?

This clan is mainly focusing on social aspects, especially divisioning with good players. But sharing fun experience, memes and whatsover is included too ;)

Clan Wars is not our primary focus but if we get enough people who are interested it, we are not going to restrict players from playing it be it serious or not.



Q1: Dude you have <100 games and wanna start a clan? Get more games.

A1: Well its true here on EU but I come from NA(IGN: LT_AFK). I want to expand my experience and want to know nice people on EU.


Q2: Where is "we", all I see is just you as single member in the clan

A2: Hence the reason WAY is a newly starting clan.


Q3: Really? An unnecessary QnA section just for 2 questions?

A3: I said we are looking for players with sense of humor


Those who are interested in please PM me!

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