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[-TFD-] The Flying Dutchman is looking for new Crewmembers

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:cap_cool:  Ahoy Mateys!! Avast Ye!!  :Smile_izmena:


Arrr ye lookin' for a new Krew, aye? Or arrr ye sick of only hearin' that parrot all t' time, aye? Or arrr ye lookin' for a place to stash ye Booty, aye? Or do ye just want to Plunder and Feed the Fishes, aye?

(Yo-ho-ho that was my best and probalbly worsted Pirate impression ever :Smile-_tongue:)


[-TFD-] The Flying Dutchman is an international clan with members from all over Europe, created over 1 year ago. Respect and Fun is our highest priority. We have experienced players and a lot of knowledge of the game.

So if you are looking to improve you playstyle. Or want to learn more about the Ships, Maps, Modules, Commander Skills, etc. Or if you just want to have friends to play with. We can all offer you that. Our members are cool

and relaxed and always happy to help or just play a few battles.


We offer:

- A level 10 Clan with the following clan bonuses:         +5% to XP per battle on ships of all tiers

                                                                                                -15% to the post-battle service for ships of all tiers

                                                                                                -14% to the cost of researchable ships of all tiers

                                                                                                (Free Xp and Coal upgrade will be next)

- Knowledge of the game to help you improve your game

- A monthly in-clan Tournament with prizes and a chance to earn a spot in our legendary Hall of Fame :cap_money:

- A chance to play Clan Battles, Operations and Divisions

- And absolutly awesome Discord Server where you can: chat and voice chat, share your results and replays, watch videos of the famous wows youtubers, share your music, talk BS and lots more.

(we have over 80 members on our server. Members, allies and friends)


We ask:

- You to have atleast 1x T10 Ship, or willing to get is fast.

Use English as your main language

- Respect your fellow clanmember

- Dont be in-active for longer then 20 days without notice

- Discord voice chat is mandatory for clan battles only

- Decent stats (+50% WR and +1500 battles)


If you like to know more or want to join, then contact me here or ingame or join our Discord: https://discord.gg/UF4NXyf . Or contact one of our deputy commanders or recruiters.



Ohhhh and dont forget to check our awesome clan video here below. (Serious just click play :Smile_trollface:



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Definitely join us guys! The clan is really cozy. We are active in clan battles, have lots of good players, and yet we are relaxed. :) We've also got a nice discord environment!

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