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New boats British/Norwegian MTBs

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Hi and thank you for a great game,

I see that you have used a few houses to populate your villages from my home town on some of the maps :)

So I thought I would suggest a new boat for the destroyer class (maybe).


When I was young, these boats used to show up in the harbor from time to time.
They were already old then and are scrap now, but I think maybe they could have a place in the game and could be fun to play.


Norway did not have too many big naval boats, but through the years we have had some fine MTBs. Motor torpedo boats that were suppose to work out of the fjords. Show up, hit hard and run (I think). Others will know much more about the tactics. The boats were small, fast and had forward pointing torpedoes. Like a big speed boat. Think some of them could do 50 knots. And maybe they will have to in this game to stand out and play a different role.


The Norwegian boats were British/Norwegian in the beginning and later all Norwegian design.
Today Norway still retains a MTB (Corvette) weapon with the hyper modern anti radar "hovercraft" Skjold class at 60 knots.


Maybe this is an old request and voted down, but it could be fun.
While we are waiting for subs and the ability to lay mines :)


Great game,





Some youtube links to MTB boats



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See this topic. Pan-european tree confirmed. 

A Norwegian ships is probably not too likely in the near future, but we can still have hopes for some low tier DDs. 

MTB is very unlikely, as they are too small for this game. But they said there would never be any submarines either :Smile_great:


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