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[Suggestion] Custom Collection for each Clan

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So the main idea is this :
 A Collection that is different for each clan and it is created by the clan members.

See, every clan has its inner jokes.
-We have 2 people with "baker" on their name who CANT BAKE FFS.
-One of us greets newcomers with "Welcome to our collection of more or less insane people".
-When we meet other BOTS on the enemy team we joke about accidentally joining coop instead of random.
-We have people who are always mean in a good way but when they speak kind to som1, every1 goes "omg are you dieing? why are you being kind"

And so on.

Give us the chance to make these jokes eternal.
On a side note:It feels more "fun and engaging" than detonations right?!

How it would work:
-WG sets number of Collection parts and collectible number per part.
-Clan artists design Clan logo
-Clan artists design the individual collectibles and the short description that appears when you hover them.
-Collection reward would be a commemorative flag with the clan logo. Individual part reward is 1 credit, because it doesn't freakin matter.
-Clan leader sends these to WG.Clan logo and collectibles should already be at proper, predefined sizes according to wgs standards.
-One player can only finish one collection of this kind, no matter how many clans he changes.
-Players will choose if and when will start collecting.
-Once every 3 or 6 months, WG adds these collection to the game.

I assume the hardest part would be to make 1 of the hundred or thousand collections available to only 1 clan and the most time consuming would be to review the collectible texts.
The rest of the logic, one way or another already exists.

The point of this setup is to give something truly (at least imo obviously) fun to the community as this would create a sh1tload of fun for the members trying to come up with catchy jokes for the collection.

What do you guys think?
(Just imagine the thread: "Show and explain your collection")

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Although the idea is somewhat interesting I suspect it is way too much troubles for development... Too many configuration and management tasks. 


In addition:

Are you suggesting a repeatable collection? 


What happens if player complete a collection and switch clans? 

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