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Xp and free xp for cv's

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Hello, i have a question that bothers me for some days

I still didn t get how the xp works, sometimes works how i know sometimes don t

How the xp after a battle is calculated?, more dmg means more xp....or more spotting dmg or how....especially i want to know at cv s, because they are my main.

Today i farmed around 20-30 battles witch majority where defeats(sadly) and i got around 1k in each

But i remember when i was playing with ryujo that i did 4 kills and other stuff like torps and bombs and i got 9k( win) and now i got around 18 bomb hits and 15 torp hit , around 20 planes destroyed and only 1.9k, and i had 3 kills, so how the xp gaining is working?

And what exactly i have to do to get the most


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You get XP for pretty much everything you do, damage, kills, spotting, tanking, capping, shooting down planes. Damage is the biggest source, support activities like spotting give less XP.


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