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Looking for a Clan for Operations and more

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Hi all, thank you in advance for reading this.


I love playing Operations, but wish I could more easily find divisions to play non-rotation Ops.

I also prefer playing Co-op, and doing my own thing at my own pace while doing the daily first battles for grinding, but happy to do that in company or by myself.

I'm very active and play every day, but put my family first and so am often logged in but afk, and cannot sit down and play for hours on end.

I'm active in chat but don't want to be *forced* to use third-party comms like TeamSpeak and/or Discord. I'm open to persuasion (and maybe a bit of encouragement!).


Introverted social gamer! Hardly unique :cap_tea: 


Ships wise I'm still a long way off from TX (have the XP but not the silver for Neptune), so if you're a Clan looking for another recruit for CW then I'm sorry I'm not that guy.


If you're a Clan that has frequent Operation Divisions then I'd love to hear from you!

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Hello there buddy, 


I sent you a PM! Hope you take a look at it.

Good luck finding the right clan!



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