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I've logged into the recruiting forums this morning and I have a little pet peeve. Basically I'd like to propose that the recruiting staff in all Clans need  to have a Gentleman's agreement not to post on a 'Looking for a clan' thread months after it was made.


Much like everyone else I've popped on to see if there's anyone new out there who wants a clan today, and noticed that a recruiter has copy pasted the same message to every post from almost the last 2 months. All this means is the rest of us now have to sort his nonsense from legitimately new threads.


I want to suggest that if you're replying to someone who posted a message a week ago don't bother, someone else has snapped them up. If you are certain they'd like your clan just send them a PM, It's not like a copy pasted link ever recruited anyone anyway!


Anyway rant over. Have a good day fellow recruiters!

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