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Make carriers more interesting and skill based

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With introduction of the new carrier mechanics, I would like to suggest to bring air speed into the game.

After all air speed is the most important thing when it comes to aircraft, even WOWS is arcade, airspeed should be in focus.


Here is what I suggest:

1. As carrier planes dive, they increase airspeed that might be maintained for some time. 

2. With increasing air speed, planes should be increasingly more difficult to maneuver.



A skilled aircraft player would like to spend as little time over the target as possible.  So when attacking with torpedo bombers, you would line up your attack and dive down outside of AA range.

Then you would speed towards your target just above see level, without much room for directional adjustment,  drop your torpedoes, strafe just above the ship and continue to speed without climbing until outside of AA range.

This was how air attacks were done in real even.

It would require a lot of planning in advance, where to dive down, where to climb up, how to position according to target, allowing for the skilled carrier player to save her planes.

It would also reward active evasive maneuvering by messing up the attack run from the carrier, as it would force the carrier players to attack the targets at lower air speed, ensuring better chance to hit the target but less chance to get away with the planes.


This you can imagine would apply for torpedo bombers as well, to try "lock in" and start their dive from above AA range, or fly a bit into AA range before starting the dive.


Case 1: Good AA ship, like Des Moines, not paying attention, torpedo bombers dive down outside of AA range, going full speed towards the target and are able to hit without sacrificing planes.

Case 2: Good AA ship like Des Moines, doing evasive maneuvering,  making it impossible to hit at full speed from outside of AA rage, and the carrier would have to go at lower speed, sacrificing planes to hit.

Case 3: Lesser AA ship, like Zao, not paying attention, easy target for the carrier, very forgiving for misjudging AA range and such.

Case 4: Lesser AA ship, like Zao, doing evasive maneuvering, difficult to hit but not so many planes will have to be sacrificed to score a hit.


If the core of the game play revolves around airspeed, (which it should if its supposed to be something that resembles planes), it opens up so much interesting mechanics.

It would be important for carrier players to know the AA range of different ships, and to know the strength of AA on different ship.  You would for example want to maximize speed and minimize accuracy against a Des Moines, but when attacking a Zao, you would maybe want to attack at lower speed to make sure you hit.

Overall game play would reward skill from both sides, making the complexity of balancing the speed against different targets interesting and fun.


Just flying and dropping your weapons, look cool on trailers and videos, but for the game play to be interesting in the long run,

we need it to be easy enough to "do ok" but at the same time allow for complexity that makes it difficult to master and interesting to explore as a player to become "the best".


Please listen :-)





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