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How to "Tame" the Reworked Aircraft Carriers - Diskuzní vlákno

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Playing CVs was always about coordination of wings, guarding own ships with fighters, searching for a hole in enemy defence....   You already broke that by nerf of US CVs , now you destroyed it completely. If mindless clicking [EDIT] are your target customers, then I understand.... 



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Well ... i usually dont comment ( being an easy target for grammar-nazis and spelling trolls, English is not even my third language but ... ) 

BUT ... sorry, my fellow navy warmongers BUT I must.


1, why really repair something that is not broken?

2, yes i understood that this will make CVs gameplay well... more accessible even for likes of me :D but hey every NOOB can do BB or CL but it was this exclusivity what make CV and DD more hardcore even if you are at the reciving end.


Please let me explain. 


there is nothing more exciting then survive skilfully executed double torping trap with mi Amagi and blow up that skillfully played CV to pieces by my Imperial 410

its pure joy to watch how full wing of torpedo fighters is shredded by mi numerous AA guns to point where brawe last plane release one torpedo and its shut down in desperate 

I loved when my squad disperse across the whole map only to be picked one by one by seasoned CV captain

It's so sad to see player angrily complaining on battle chat when CVs don't support exactly them and only them or scout only for them


so well ... thinking about it its probably 50 / 50 and decision was already made so let's see what will come from it and we can complain on and on later, right?

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