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URGENT! What happens to captains in Acasta, Icarus, Jervis & Lightening tomorrow?

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I only ask because I got burned when the US cruiser split happened earlier this year (untrained captains problem).


For those lucky enough to get the ships, they came with a three point captain. However, I think that many of us used the temporary Premium status to put more experienced captains in them.


MY QUESTION: At the release of 0.7.10, are Captains assigned to the four RN ships mentioned in the title automatically re-trained to the ship that they are in WITHOUT COST?


Thanks in advance. :Smile_honoring:

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Unfortunately, that won't happen - it was clarified in another thread.    The captains remain trained to the ship they've been trained in (so if you have a captain trained on the Gallant and you put them on the Lightning after the patch they will be in the Lightning but still trained for the Gallant).


See this thread:  



I started to read that thread and put my Gallant captain into the Lightning and then after continuing to read the thread found that I had wasted my time.  

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WG statement:




Only the 3p captain that came with the ship will be retrained to the tech tree equivalent automatically.

Another captain that you have moved into that ship will not be affected.

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