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UK Based player looking for a new clan.

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So, I'm looking for a new clan to join for Fleet wars and division play, but then also general improvement play too. I've been part of a good friends Fleet for the past few months but differences have forced me to part ways. 


I'm a fairly decent player and I'd say that I'm a cruiser main. Averaging around 57% win rate at the moment with fairly respectable stats. I'd like to think I'm more than capable of a clan that's higher than storm league too, but I'm not perfect and as much "training" and practice is never going to hurt anyone, specially myself. 


I own most tier 10's now too. 


I absolutely LOATHE playing solo - so big requirements are basically an active clan who don't take them selves too seriously - who use Discord or other voice comms and play a lot of divisions and aren't going to cry at the slight mutter of profanity and you must have thick skin, as being Northern and from the UK I'm actually a bit of a nightmare. I'm also 29 and my voice has broken (partially anyway) and I'd be looking for a similar aged crowd. 


If you can handle the banter and fancy a chat, hit me up in game or private message me here. 

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We are looking for active new members who want to be part of our community and who'll join in, we run divisions daily, there is always someone to keep you company, we like to help our members with operations too - but we're also a group of more mature players, so we know family and work sometimes get in the way of gaming.


DAVY members are active in clan battles - ideally you would have (or be reasonably close to) at least a T10 cruiser or destroyer.


There are a few rules:

Be active and use discord whenever you are in game.

Have a reasonable win rate (clan average is around 55%)

Minimum 1000 battles played

Speak English and meet with a recruiter on discord for a quick chat.


We have built:-

Dry Dock - all levels (-15% repairs all tiers)

Shipyard - 5th level (-14% purchasing all tiers)

Research Centre - 5th level (+4% xp)

Design Centre - all levels (+25% free xp)

Acadamy - all levels (+10% commander xp)

Coal Port - 2nd level (+7%)

Steel Port - 1st level (+5%)

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