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Hi All,


Im looking for a new Clan:


I am a avid wows player and have competed in the last few clan seasons, Current clan achieved Storm League last season and I played in a large number of the battles. I love the tactics and team play and I am looking for a more serious clan to play with. My Current new account is sitting at 52% Win Rate, Suffered recently playing a lot of solo/weekend battles and with very new commanders, I have around 3000 battles in total across my two accounts.  


I favour CR play and Play that role in CB' normally, also happy in BB and DD. 


I enjoy tactics and the clan format - Seeking a more professional team and people to play divison with as I prefer a social game to solo play 

Discord User.


I have: Zao, Hindenberg, Montana, Conq, Des Mo as tier X's between my two accounts.


Friendly and Polite, easy going.


Hope to here from you all. If there is no interest in me,  I am also thinking about starting a clan, so if you like the above and are also looking for a clan, get in touch, however preference is to join a fun, friendly and competitive clan.





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recruitment department


Click on the image above for getting directed to register and fill our application

International || English Speaking || Competitive || Communication || Teamwork || Honor || Respect || Commitment

We prefer good manners over skills since we can grow skill together

We have 20 vacant seats at the moment


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