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[_WIR_] recruiting players for Clan Battles!!!

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West Indies Raiders clan is looking for players for Clan Battles
We are an international clan of people from all over Europe.
Looking for guys who love the game, like to be in a company of fun people, players who like to learn and improve and are willing to fill our ranks and climb the leagues of Clan Battles.

    Our requirements are simple: 

  •  Speak English.
  • Own at least one tier X.
  • Play the game and be active in general (5 days a week on average).
  • Be prepared for training and learning.
  • Be available for CB at least 2 out of 4 Clan Battle days.
  • Use Discord for communications.
  • Possess a sense of humor =)).

To join, simply find us in game and apply to the clan!

For any questions or additional info please contact one of the following users
- Rikimaru2510            (discord tag: Rikimaru2510#2053 )
- MrPhous                    (discord tag: Callis#3712 )
- Poi_Yuudachi_Poi    (discord tag: Lucky E "MAH SHROOOM"#6556 )

Hope to see you soon, captains!

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