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New Game Mode

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Little fantasy about how this game could be different. Sure enough, in random battles, there is no doubt about it. Everyone goes where he sees. Then there's the wonder that he's back. It would be a little worthwhile to let go of the fantasy - of course only in the group - what could be done differently. For example, in the midst of the great revision, I thought of another experimental game. This could be the opposite of laziness. I would not hurt the carriers, but if they have been transformed, it does not matter. Although I think mixed gameplay in a battle is not that bad. They should have left the carriers. Besides that - against the headless - there would be one player in every team. They would be the fleet admirals. They should not have a new view, but they would get the tactical map. This should include a usable, already part of, a management system. I'm thinking of the auto pilot in the game. With so much difference, the Admiral of the fleet can propose a different color to another flag, for each ship. The captains of the ship are given the opportunity to guard them from the fleet admiral. Of course, you do not have to do this during the direct battle, because it would be impossible to extricate your opponents' attacks. The commands of the Fleet Admiral in this game mode should be commands, because he who does not follow and reports the captain to the report system would get a punitive color that is different from Pink and is bound to go to a certain number of bouts in Coop mode. How would a Fleet Admiral be? The answer is simple. Fleet Admiral Training. In English, he would start learning coop battles who would like to play the game in the game. then after some experience (XP), let's start with T5 in the new game mode. Coop battles would also be a fleet of admiral posts. On the counter side would be a machine controlled. The scoring would be similar to navigating a ship, but not a ship, but a Fleet admiral Avatar, which it would have to create before. The Fleet Admirals are also drawn into a fight in a lottery and only at the end of their qualification. In this way, the field player can also get help where to start. There is no dribbling in the starting round. Destroyers can go quietly on their own, because they get support on the one hand, and on the other hand they get directions straight away, where to start. I would certainly be involved in such a game mode. at the start I would get the signal, route, where to start and see I'm not alone. It would also be a losing battle, but much less would be the disorder too. In fact, even after sufficient experience, even the fleet of Admiral training would be involved. Would you like such a game mode?

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