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Payed in premium shop, got NOTHING

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So today i was navigating the premium shop, thinking on buying premium time, when i saw a cheap Smith, and thought "hey, i could buy it and get some gold, since i already have it". And so i did.

And i got NOTHING. Well, not actualy nothing, i got a level 3 commander, a port slot and 4 flags. NO SHIP, NO GOLD.

What a total RIPOFF. I know it wasn't expensive, but i still got ripped off. I payed money for...nothing. I couldn't care less for 1 port slot, a level 3 captain and 4 silly flags.

I want my money back or the gold!


P.S.: am i to get the nothing if i buy another premium ship that i curently own? What if i buy Bismark (since i already have it), will i get nothing? Can i apply this logic in all cases?

You can see the attached print screen as proof. No ship, no gold!


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Vor 4 Minuten, Noobsgonewild sagte:


of course..



for quite some time now the description lists what you will get as doubloon compensation if you own the ship already...

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