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I'm jerk (quincy), 18y old from the Netherlands. Looking for a potential clan where i could play alot CW, Randoms and Ranked sprint.


Currently I'm still in Team Wolfpack I came from RAGE CREW, but I'm considering to leave soon as I'll get invitation's.


What can you expect from me?

- Very active (everyday if possible).

- CA/CL player (also plays BB or DD and often CV).

- Communication, i talk fluent english as I live in the Netherlands.

- Teamplay: I''ll support, coordinate and listen to others.

- Experienced play: I play over 3y now, learned alot and played alot of CW. Knowing of tactics and experienced play and having always a plan B in my pocket. (played 3-Seasons in TyphoonLeague)


What i expect from you/clan.

- Ofcourse active clanmembers BUT not alot! (10-20)

- Interactions like play, train and talk which each other.

- Playing CW. I want to play always in CW, (100% teamplace for CB if there is.)

- Prepaired for CW. Know what to do. Make tactics and train them alot with the members.


My stats:


Improving them ^^


For more information comment below!


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PM Sent! :cap_look:



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ranked battles.png


If interested to know about us and join then click on the image to get directed to our official website

International || +18 Mature || Competitive || Good Manners || Teamwork

Honor || Respect || Commitment

Elite Naval Forces Ua08QMK.png&key=fab236e70a913141b2b1803d

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