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Framerate issues

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Since the latest patch, I'm experiencing fps drops. It went from 76 fps to 60, going up and down every second. It doesn't seem to be a lot, but I'm pretty sure it dropped lower than the counter displayed it. It was barely playable as it produces a micro freeze every second.


So I reinstalled the game. It was fine for a time until I enabled replays and it started lagging again. I disabled replays and it kept lagging. So I tried multiple things:


- trying to play full sreen instead of windowed full screen

- reinstalled nvidia pilots

- disabled gsync

- closing everything else but the game

- setting the fps limit to 150

- reducing the graphics quality


None of that helped. I thought maybe if I have 150 fps then the drops would be less noticeable because of the additional frames. Nope. Dropping from 140 to 80, every second. I don't know what else I can try.


I've had this computer for 2 years and it never happened before. I didn't change anything, didn't install anything.


My specs:


- i7 6700k

- 16gb ram

- 1080ti

- 500gb M.2 SSD

- Main monitor : 27" 2560*1440, 144hz

- Second monitor: 27" 1920*1080, set to 60hz (down from 120)


I hope someone can help me :(


edit: tried again. Reinstalled the game. Set fps limit to 144. Closed everything. Started the game, changed the settings to correct resolution and graphics level (max). Fps is steady 145, very smooth. GPU is at 100% usage. Started a coop game. GPU is at 70-80%, steady 145 fps. Doesn't even go down when moving the camera very rapidly in every direction while being under heavy fire. Restarted the game with Chrome still opened, still same 100-125 fps in port. GPU at 100% usage. Gonna close Chrome now to see if fps improves. Tomorrow, will try enabling replays again...


Then I started Chrome. Fps dropped by 20 but still very stable and smooth in game.

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