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[EN]Looking for a casual clan

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Looking for a casual clan where I don't have to worry about attending clan battles. The clan needs to have active members, however, so I can create divs more easily as well as some form of communication service like discord or Ts3. A clan where english is the main language is preferred. I'm open to check out clans during the following 10 hours. After that I will make a decision if I haven't already done so in which case, i'll let you know here.

Thank you.

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Ah oke I see I'm already too late huh?


Well just purely as extra info:

- We're international group of people speaking English on Discord

- We're 18 or older...who am I kidding? Most of us are mid/late 20s or early 30s.

- Very CASUAL clan with really no obligations.


If you don't find your bearing at _FK_ let me know and we'll have a spot open for a Captain from 1991 :Smile_izmena:


Fair Seas!

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