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[NG-NL] is now recruiting skilled random battle and clan war players!

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NG-NL is now recruiting skilled random battle and clan war players!




Clan introduction:

NG-NL(No Gu No Life) is a newly formed casual weeb clan. If you are looking for some very reliable and sometimes try-hard division mates and you do not mind playing with anime lovers, this is a clan for you! As our clan is quite new, you are welcomed to farm oil for the clan and at the same time grind coal for yourself!


Clan War:

Please note that this is not a clan for competitive. However, we are looking for players for the next clan war season, especially good DD players. We also do not mind if you choose to join other clans for clan wars and return after getting the rewards.


What we offer:

  • 7% more coal
  • Reliable division mates in Tier X who can stand a chance against super-unicum clan divisions
  • Good players and sky cancers who can ensure a smooth and enjoyable surface ship grinding process, or AA bots during your CV grind
  • Credit/free experience farming in operations with people who fully understands the spawns and the movement of the bots
  • A friendly environment which all players in the clan know each other
  • KanColle, Azur Lane, Girls Front-line etc advice
  • Female players



  • 58% win rate or above
  • WTR/PR similar to the clan’s average (Click here fyi)
  • The ratio of playing solo, recent stats and ship tiers will be taken into consideration.
  • Understands English
  • Voice chat is not a must, but at least you have to type English in division chat and understand/use the mini map pings
  • We do accept people with 0 anime knowledge
  • We do not accept any Windows Phone, Haagen dazs or other similar users:Smile_izmena:


Contact details:

Discord - https://discord.gg/G83aUcn

Everyone is welcome to our discord. We have a nsfw anime bot.:Smile_hiding:

Secret code: 687010479


How to apply:

Just hop into our discord or pm me through the forum and we can have a chat.

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