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[-MM] Mad Men is recruiting

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We're Mad Man and we're recruiting, which is serious business.


Who are Mad Men?

We're a collection of people from all walks of life, from across Europe who play boats together. Mad Men originally started as a Tanks Clan but all the best people decided Boats because it's better and thus a Boats clan was formed.

What do Mad Men do? 

Our active clan has divisions every day, try the occasional operation but what we really like doing is Clan Battles. We're not try hards but we do like to win.

What does Mad Men offer you?

Other than the obvious, we have a great little Naval base with things like +25% free xp and a bunch of other cool stuff.

What do Mad Men require?

Useful Tier X ships for Clan Battles i.e. Zao, Hindenburg, Moskva, Des Memes, Gearing, Yueyang, Worcester, Z52. Tier X carrier owners also welcome.

52% or better win rate.

We also want people willing to lead Clan Battles.

What are our rules?

We don't really have any, but not being a [edited] tends to be the modus operandi. We also require regular activity and join Discord. If Clan Battles is on and your online and play boats, we'll want you to join the Division. Clan Battles is generally played in English so you need to be fluent but outside of that, no one really cares what you speak.

The Clan has a wide age range but you must be prepared for NSFW content but we're generally a zero drama clan, so no edgelords. We're most certainly 18+.

I'm interested, who do I speak too?





Or myself.

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